Sandy Hook – mourning from Morocco

After a day of laughter and photography at Ibn Batouta, Elfida Primary School in central Casablanca today, we sat with the principle and lead teachers who pulled us aside in her office and silently presented us with an arrangement of flowers, candles, a few small stuffed animals and a letter signed by the teachers and student delegates in honor of the Newtown Tragedy.

We sat for a moment in silence. The principle said her heart was broken when she heard about the little ones whose lives were taken. At that moment, the world felt so much smaller. We felt bonded and humbled by a shared grief.

I didn’t know if this was appropriate to share widely, but we wanted you all to know it was quite powerful for us to experience. Ian has volunteered to bring the teddy bears and letter to the school in Newtown (which is thirty minutes from his house) as well as a copy of the group pictures attached.


Ian and Theo

Wednesday December 17, 2012
Casablanca , Morocco
On behalf of all the students and teachers of the primary school of Ibn Batouta, Elfida Casablanca Morocco, I present our most sincere condolences to all the families of the little victims of the aggression that took place in the Newtown school, Connecticut.
And while we are sharing their grief and sorrow, we wish for their families the strength and courage to overcome this very painful time. We are confident that the victims are, at present, angels in Heaven.
The letter is signed by Mrs. Fatiha Ejouahri, principal of Ibn Batouta school and the students delegates of their classes.

photos by ian christmann



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