It’s an ongoing debate whether one should write a professional bio in the first or third person, but being that I’m better sculpting light than words, I’ll opt for the more direct approach.
I’m a commercial photographer with a love for portrait, architecture, advocacy and fine art. When it comes to technique, I’m a left brained geek all the way,
but it’s my right-brain intuition and emotion that compels me to push the shutter.
A native of Vermont, and then Colorado, I traded mountains for sea and now live in New Haven, Connecticut with my wife and two boys. Admittedly, I was an underachiever in high school, until I had a camera in hand. Then I couldn’t learn quickly enough. In 1996, I graduated in the top 10% in my class at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Since then, camera and I have traveled to 41 countries and I’ve been blessed to work with many amazing organizations and projects. Some of the highlights include:
  • recently completed a round the world journey with my family, http://momentsarenotlost.com/around-the-world/
  • spending two years photographing for the world’s largest hospital ship, Mercy Ships, visually telling the stories of patients who received life-changing cataract and maxillofacial surgeries
  • producing still photography for Inside Story, an award-winning feature length film that integrates entertainment with information related to the science of HIV/AIDS. With audiences exceeding 300 million, Inside Story has become the most widely seen film on the African continent.
  • creating a photography-based advocacy campaign highlighting the beauty and eco-importance of a small but polluted Connecticut river, The Quinnipiac.
  • watching one of my last wedding images go viral and get traction on media outlets around the world.



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