2012 Best of Gallery

2012 Highlights

Putting together my year-end highlight album I’ve spent the last few days re-living some of the beautiful moments and situations I’ve had the privilege to photograph this year – so many that I’ve had a very hard time narrowing down the images into a digestible highlight gallery.

Reviewing these images, I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to do what I love – and the great people and places I get to experience along the way. For me, this is the essence of my work: to be able to stand in the intersection of great light and amazing moments…and press the shutter, with prayers and intentions, that God define the moment and infuse the images with His light. -Ian


Websites Launched

New Studio Space

I’ve moved the studio into Chetstone… And… have room for other creatives to join me! check out www.Chetstone.com to share this great space with me.















Inside Out


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